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Come, let us sing another song, for summer's short and winter's long.

Tell the world about the way the lights went out.

20 March
I'm Mary, and I'm 19 years old. I'm a history/politics major going into my sophomore year of college. After I graduate, I want to go to law school and then work for the government.

I'm really involved in Model UN. I'm always either going to conferences or chairing conferences.:P

I have many random hobbies including fencing, drawing, writing, playing the violin, biking, reading, and watching old foreign films.

Things I love: American history, learning languages, nature, fashion, astronomy, traveling, airplanes, folk music, summertime, musicals, alternative rock, and museums.

Other random stuff: I'm a deist. I love learning about the world around me and I'm hardly ever bored. I collect flags of different states and countries (and even a few cities). I'm usually pretty optimistic, but I can also be very sarcastic and self-deprecating. I'm horrible at math, but I really like science, especially biology. I'm fascinated by paranormal stuff like ghosts, even though I don't believe in it.:P History has pretty much been my life ever since I was a tiny little kid.

I've traveled and lived all around the country, and I have 3 places I call home:

Maryland, where I grew up and where I go for a month every single summer.
Kansas, where I live now during breaks and holidays.
Illinois, where I go to college.

I suppose I come off to some people as a spoiled rich kid, and I suppose it is a bit true on the surface.:P But I swear I'm not a brat. I'm quite nice, really!